Building Permits


Applicants are responsible for getting all necessary signatures, approvals, and permits necessary for building projects prior to submitting the application to Eldred Township for municipal approval.  There are signature areas to be completed on the "Municipal Prior Approvals for Eldred Township, Jefferson County" form.  The application packet is available for download (below).  Contact information is contained in the packet and also listed below.

Removal/Demo Permits 

It is important to get a removal or demolition permit if you are removing a taxable structure from your property.  Removal permits notify the Jefferson County Assessment Office so that the structure can be removed from your tax bill. 

Please contact the township office for a copy of the form:  814-849-7683.


PDF – 4.0 MB 45 downloads
Ordinance 1992 1 Building
PDF – 691.0 KB 42 downloads
Ordinance 01 2012 Flood Hazard Area Building Permits
PDF – 4.7 MB 37 downloads
Ordinance 2024 1 Solar Wind Energy System Standards Requirements Pdf
PDF – 1.3 MB 12 downloads

There is a $25.00 (Twenty-Five Dollars) fee for the Eldred Township Land Use Permit Application.  


A good place to start your building process is with a call to the Eldred Township Sewage Enforcement Officer to determine if any level of planning or testing is necessary.


Jefferson County Conservation District can help you determine if a stormwater construction permit is necessary.


Any proposed development within a flood hazard area must conform to the requirements in Ordinance 01-2012.